Sunday, 29 April 2018

Dunraven Bay, Southerndown with Kids

Dunraven Bay with Kids

"Please can we go to the beach Mum?"

I have this thing where I don't like going to the same place with E more than once. I feel like there are other new adventures waiting out there. One day I will realise that this is silly. However, until then - Google came up trumps and pointed me in the direction of Southerndown. We hadn't been to Southerndown together. I hadn't been since a school trip in the 90s.

Google maps took us there. Google maps allows E to be chief navigator, as long as he doesn't forget he is navigating and turn the radio up, so that I am unable to hear him or the phone. Sometimes he does the opposite and navigates me down the M4. "Slight left Mum... and a bit right... Yes, you're still on the blue line. Good job."


Parking for 1 hour is £1. Parking for anything more than an hour is £5. Parking meters only take coins, however there is an app that can be downloaded (PhoneAnd-Pay) and payment made by card through that. Somehow that resulted in the parking costing £5.70 as I was fined for never having coins on my person. There is a car park right down by the beach, but I always turn off at the first sign of a P sign and we ended up at the top of a cliff overlooking the water, with a 5 minute downhill walk. The views were beautiful.


There are toilets down by the beach, and also a shop selling drinks, and most importantly for E, ice cream. Can't ask for more than that really!


The tide was out and so the sandy beach was vast. E had been adamant that he wanted a sandy beach - and was initially unimpressed when I told him that there was both sand and rocks. However, he then proceeded to spend most of our time there being a "real rock climber" and clambering over the larger rocks. So we climbed and clambered and climbed some more - and then sat on a ledge and ate our snacks. 

Down by the waters edge, E darted in and out escaping the waves, watching the crabs roll in and then back out with the tide. He took his finger to the sand and drew lorries, and cliffs, and sharks. We poked around in rock pools and lazed on the sand with the sun taking very brief glances out from behind the clouds.


The next stop was the top of the cliffs for some lovely views down over the beach. E turned from rock climber to mountain climber and set off up the hill. Hand holding was probably more necessary for my peace of mind rather than any real need, but we made it to the top and lay down on the grass taking in the views.

The cliff top walks form part of the Wales Coast Path; I'll definitely need to investigate more stages of the walk and see where other sections may take us.


We are definitely coming back. E declared it his favourite beach ever. We came away with plenty to research together, including the rock formations in the cliffs as well as identifying all of the sea creatures that we spotted.

There is a walk that connects Dunraven Bay to Ogmore Beach (leaflet) which we will definitely have to come back and try out.

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